Recon Management Group, LLC
Delivering Security and Investigative Solutions Globally 


Security Consulting

Recon Management Group consultants provide cost effective and practical security solutions to a variety of organizations throughout the United States and abroad, which directly impacts client profit earnings. Providing a wide range of business security services, this group works with medium and large sized organizations with security program strategies, development, evaluation and/or execution.  Our consultants deliver a complete line of services to businesses and organizations focused on the protection of employees, assets, facilities, and reputation.

Investigative Services

Today's fast-paced and complex business environment has a need for cost effective and professional investigations and the development of business intelligence to protect people, profits, investments, assets, and reputation.  Our Investigative Services Group provides a wide array of corporate, insurance, and legal investigative services to clients conducting business within a diverse number of industries throughout the United States and abroad.

Security Services

Quality and professional uniformed or "plain clothes" protective services are provided through our strategic business partner to organizations throughout the United States and abroad.  Officers are equipped and trained with the latest technology available in the rapidly changing and growing security field.  Emphasis is placed on the transfer of responsibility from the client to the officer while on assignment. 

School Safety and Security Services

Recon Management Group provides comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to the educational community to maintain a safe and secure learning environment. A number of recent security events at campuses across the country have brought to light the dilemma faced by today's colleges and universities: Balancing the open and accessible nature of a campus, while meeting a reasonable level of safety.