Recon Management Group, LLC
Delivering Security and Investigative Solutions Globally 

Investigative Services

Today's fast-paced and complex business environment has a need for cost effective and professional investigations, and the development of business intelligence to protect people, profits, investments, assets, and reputation. Our investigative services group provide a wide array of corporate, insurance, and legal investigative services to clients conducting business within a diverse number of industries throughout the United States and abroad.

We recognize the importance of working closely with clients before, during, and after the completion of any discreet inquiry or investigation. Development of an investigative path is created within the client's budget to successfully complete any assignment. Continual briefings are conducted with each client to ensure they are fully aware of any information that might be uncovered during the course of the investigation. 


Our investigative team has experience from a variety of backgrounds including investigations, accounting, information systems, electronics and communications systems, human resources, and law enforcement. Services include:


  • Intellectual Property Protection

  • Critical Incident Investigations

  • Critical Incident Review

  • Asset Searches

  • Brand Protection

  • Financial/Fraud Investigations

  • Compliance Reviews

  • Forensic Accounting

  • Surveillance
  • Internal Investigations

  • Litigation Support

  • TSCM Sweeps

  • Business Intelligence

  • Cyber and Forensic Investigations

  • Computer, Phone, and Electronic Device Forensics

  • Web Harvesting

Recon Management Group conducts all investigations with the highest professional, ethical, and legal standards as required by local, state, and federal laws.  Our reputation, as well as the client's reputation, is of the utmost importance.