Recon Management Group, LLC
Delivering Security and Investigative Solutions Globally 

Security Services

Quality and professional uniformed or "plain clothes" protective services are provided through our strategic business partner to organizations throughout the United States and abroad.  Officers are equipped and trained with the latest technology available in the rapidly changing and growing security field.  Emphasis is placed on the transfer of responsibility from the client to the officer while on assignment.  Protective services include:
  • National emergency response team
  • Property protection
  • Event security
  • High risk inventory escorts
  • Plant protection
  • Security patrol
  • Corporate facilities protection
  • Corporate events
  • Unique business events
  • Employee termination support


The following quality assurances are utilized to ensure client satisfaction:
Communication - The key to being effective for our clients.
Training - Conducted regularly for continuous improvement.
Commitment - Quality professional service given to every assignment.
Availability - Seven days a week is offered via a 24-hour communication system.
Standard Operating Procedures - Maintained based on client needs.
Post Inspections - Continually conducted ensuring a high level of performance.
Continuous Improvement - Achieved through client feedback.