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A number of recent security events at campuses across the country have brought to light the dilemma faced by today's colleges and universities: Balancing the open and accessible nature of a campus, while meeting a reasonable level of safety.
Parents, students, faculty, support staff and visitors often assume that steps have been taken to ensure a positive learning experience with an adequate level of security. But the reality is that it is essential for a Public Safety Department to assess just how ready it is to prevent security issues and act during a security event.

Stay proactive and prepared

Maintaining proper security demands an ongoing appraisal of:
  • Objectives
  • Training
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Compliance with state and federal laws, and response strategies
  • Risk assessments
  • Identified security / safety needs
  • Proactive prevention programs
  • Mutual aid agreements

    Rely on our expertise

    Recon Management Group offers extensive experience and cost-effective options for ensuring a campus Public Safety Department is as prepared as possible. Thanks to the knowledge we have gained working with other colleges and universities, and a consulting staff that includes senior-level management from city police departments and corporate security firms, we can deliver a comprehensive review of all components of a campus security program, including the Public Safety Department.

    The scope of our services includes:

    • Campus risk assessment: Risk identification and response
    • Policy and procedure development and implementation
    • Department objectives / role / structure / manpower
    • Budget reviews
    • Community outreach programs: Students / facility / staff / first responders / adjacent neighborhood
    • Training: Public Safety staff / first responders / facility and support staff
    • Response strategies
    • Off-campus security needs
    • Special event security requirements
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Notification systems
    • Targeted program review
    • Utilization of security / safety technology

    The ReconTeam

    Recon Management Group is ready to help assess security vulnerabilities and / or address program gaps by providing best practice, cost-effective recommendations that match a campus's safety and security goals. Our strength is the experience and background of our consulting team, which includes disciplines such as public and private sector security and law enforcement and senior corporate security positions.

    For additional information, please contact Mark Paliszewski, Consulting Group Manager, at  (248) 540-0160 or email